Seven Borders

The heart of Europe and the story of the seven brand new borders of the Western Balkans

For this story I traveled across the seven brand new borders in the Western Balkans and looked at the meaning of these frontiers. In what way do they change lives and landscapes? The Balkan conflict of unity and separation seems to tear the hearts of the people. At the same time the Balkan countries paradoxically cherish all the ambition of a united future within the European Union. An important principle in the photographic outcome are the never changing landscapes of ex-Yugoslavia and Albania and the visible traces of the turbulent history of the region versus the huge implications of this for the people living in each of the seven border regions and their present lives.

With thanks to Festival Photoreporter in St. Brieuc (F)


Kosovo, Kamenica Kosovo, Kamenica
Montenegro, Plav Montenegro, Plav
Montenegro, Gusinje Montenegro, Gusinje
Serbia, Belgrade Serbia, Belgrade
Serbia, Belgrade Serbia, Belgrade
Serbia, Novi Pazar Serbia, Novi Pazar
Serbia, Presevo Serbia, Presevo
Macedonia, Kumanovo Macedonia, Kumanovo
Macedonia, Tetovo Macedonia, Tetovo
Pogradec, Albanië Pogradec, Albanië
Albania, Pogradec Albania, Pogradec
Croatia, Dvor Croatia, Dvor
Croatia, Dalj Croatia, Dalj
Mostar, Bosnië-Herzegovina Mostar, Bosnië-Herzegovina
Kosovo, Decani Kosovo, Decani
Kosovo, Rugova valley Kosovo, Rugova valley
Croatia, Rab Croatia, Rab