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The new outside EU-border of Croatia

Since July 1, 2013, Croatia is a new member of the European Union. Thus our external border has moved further to the east. This 1400 kilometres long new eastern border of the European Union runs right across the former Yugoslavia, over hills, rivers, streams and mountain ranges. Europe is now in the midst of the tensions in the Balkans. The frontier separates Croatia definite from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. It is a boundary for which the Croatians fought with heart and soul as one war veteran says, but it left an area in which much is destroyed, where the effects of the war are still visible everywhere.

The journey leads from Vukovar to Dubrovnik, through the torn region of Krajina and shows the complete emptiness of an area - so violently hit by war and mass migrations.


Dalj Dalj
Vukovar Vukovar
Vukovar Vukovar
Vukovar Vukovar
Bajakovo Bajakovo
Dvor Dvor
Maljevac Maljevac
Cetingrad Cetingrad
Krajina region Krajina region
Knin Knin
Knin Knin
Metkovic Metkovic
Konavle region Konavle region
Vitaljina Vitaljina